Saturday, April 19, 2008


Here are links to other blog posts I have particularly enjoyed this past week. But first, do check out Leigh's revised blog. Modestly she says she has tweeked her blog. It is a lot more than tweeking. It is hours and hours and hours of work. She has created a wonderful resource for weavers as well as for knitters and spinners.

Guidelines to our Small Scarf Virtual Exhibition -- Unravelling
Networked Broken Twill -- Weaverly
Twill Sampler -- Dot's Fibre to Fabric
Converting 14-Shaft Draft to 8 -- Unravelling
Inspired by Bonnie -- Weaving Spirit
One Morning -- Funny Farm
Colours Today -- Weaving Finlander


This next link is not from a weaving blog but from a textile blog. But it is about weaving, this time tapestry. It is well worth looking at, even if you have no intentions of ever weaving tapestry.

The Making of a Tapestry -- Ulrike Leander -- Textile Arts Resource Guide (yes this is a blog............)


And this link has nothing, on the surface, to do with textiles, but is about art. The subject, however is very important for weavers as well as for artists in general: copying.

I suggest you read both Genn's essay and the comments. The last comment focuses on digital art. The art world tends not to accept digital art as art. I guess weavers aren't the only artists who have trouble being recognized by the art world.

Original Art -- The Painter's Keys

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