Tuesday, April 1, 2008


The lease sticks are set up, the raddle is in place on the back beam, and

the raddle weights are attached to the warp bouts at the front.

The weights are red chip clips and are just barely visible under the front beam. These clips keep the warp under just enough tension to make it easy to separate the threads at the back of the loom and drop them into the raddle.

Some people just wind the bouts once or twice around the front beam. But silk is slippery. I find the clips much more effective.

This is when I get really nervous. What I am preparing to do has nothing to do with design, creativity, play, imagination, fun, let's try this............ This is about technique pure and simple. This is about getting a good warp on. A good warp is one that weaves off easily with no problems. And raddling is an important step.

And with a 60/2 silk warp, in a dark color, to be sett at 72 epi.......misgivings are welling up into my consciousness right and left! Already I have had problems just getting the warps on the rod and lease sticks correctly. At each step I stretch the warp out to give me a good view of any twists that might have developed.

I am just a bit nervous.

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Susan B. said...

I know that nervous feeling! I feel the same way when I am beginning to dress the loom - each step is important and it is techniques!
Looks good so far!