Wednesday, April 2, 2008


The raddling is done.


Yes, I did have problems. Twice I discovered that the warp ends twisted as they went from the rod through the lease sticks. This is easy to spot. When I select the first threads from a bout to drop into the raddle, they refuse to separate from the rest of the bout.

I used to yank at them to force them to separate. Doing that does not help. Why not?


Looking at the rod shows that they are coming from the wrong side of the bout. Since I raddle from right to left, I am separating the threads out at the right side of the bout. If those initial eight threads are at the right side, but on the rod are on the left side, I have twisted the bout as I led it from rod to lease sticks.

So I remove the rod (carefully), untwist the warp and slip the rod back in.

Unfortunately, doing this usually means removing neighboring bouts from the rod as well, so that I can get at the offending bout. Doing this requires even greater care. I must make sure all the loops get back on. And I must make sure that those neighboring bouts are not twisted when I put them back on the rod.


Note that the warp yarns are now thrown over the castle. I am almost ready to start beaming on.

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