Monday, June 18, 2007

I Ought Not To Be A Weaver

No, this is not a crackle warp.

Yes, this warp covers only half the width of the loom. And not the center half. Yes, the warp is supposed to cover almost the whole width of the loom. Yes, the number of ends in the raddle spaces is correct. And the warp bout, on the left side but not yet raddled, is supposed to be the left side of the blanket I am getting ready to weave. Yes, there is a big big space between it and the last raddled bout of yarn. And yes, these are the only bouts I made.

I really ought not to be a weaver. Weavers have to work with numbers. Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing are all helpful, basic skills. Did I tell you I still add on my fingers? No, I will not tell you my age.

Back to the warping board.

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elaine said...

???? Who was your weaving teacher????