Thursday, March 27, 2008


Trust me, I am keeping my eye on kitty! I've brought the wound bouts into the dining room, laid them on the table and slipped the back beam rod through the loops at the end of the crosses. I've slipped the lease sticks through the crosses. But..........all is not well!

I looked carefully at all the warps, examining how the came through the lease sticks and onto the rod. Keeping one eye on kitty.......... On your left you see what I found: a twisted bout. It twists as it leaves the lease stick closest to the rod and moves to the rod. The lease stick is in wrong. So I slipped out the lease stick, re-arranged the cross, and all is well.

And here is the loom, waiting for the warp. The raddle is on (yes I made it, and the nails are very crooked). Paper is over the nails to keep the warp from slipping into the wrong places. Sticks are placed to support the lease sticks and rods. And a table is there ready for me to pull the back rod down onto.

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Janice said...

These photos are really helpful, Peg. Using the tables for support is an excellent idea. I also like the sticks supporting the lease sticks on the loom. I know you have used Angel Wings in the past. When do you put the lease sticks in those? Finally, why do you wind lots of small warp bouts rather than one or two larger ones?