Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Working from another computer (mine is in the "hospital" again, sob......), I have no images, weaving info, blog ideas, etc., available to me. That does not mean I am not working, however! I am making the warp for the next scarves. And I have made decisions about the weaving. More on those when I have my computer back.

Meanwhile, I just wanted to chat a bit about quilts. I am not particularly a quilt lover. But I have found interesting occasional quilts which fall into the art quilt bracket. These quilts are usually geometric or freeform in design style. And these quilts generally make use of color in ways that intrigue me. Sometimes the presentation of the quilt is what calls to me.

Today I accidentally ran across the website for Studio Art Quilt Associates. I was enthralled by their gallery. Even though quilting and weaving are quite different arts/crafts, I find many of these art quilts stimulating my weaving imagination. I recommend a look.

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