Monday, March 31, 2008


bspinner suggested I might want to get a Woolee Winder for my electric spinner. The reason is that "it makes spinning so much more efficient."

She is right about the Woolee Winder. I have one on my Ashford and it turned my Ashford from an OK wheel to a wonderful wheel. Woolee Winders (and their bobbins), however, do not come cheaply. The cost would be more than that of my electric wheel!

I think it is silly to upgrade a wheel that hopefully I will replace anyway the next time it dies. My hope than is to get a better quality electric wheel and one with a Woolee Winder as well.

To find out more about Woolie Winders, go here.

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bspinner said...

You are so right. The cost of equipment for spinning and weaving is so high. I have to save up for anything I've ever bought which hasn't been easy.