Thursday, March 27, 2008


I had made all those careful plans vis-a-vis color. I had made all those dye samples. And then I discarded everything.

Perhaps that is a bit of an exaggeration. But weaving that sampler did force some changes. First of all there was the red part of the sampler. One of these two scarves coming up just must have red as a dominant color. Not just the warp. Weft too.

I love red. So the first scarf will have nothing to do with all those original careful plans vis-a-vis color. It will be mostly in blues and reds.

The second scarf, however, will still follow the original plan of neutrals and blues as the dominant colors. So the dyeing plans are not totally thrown out. The neutral samples are invaluable here.

However, for the blues, and for the blues and the reds in the first scarf, I have to have many variations of each color. That was probably the most important thing I learned from the sampling. It doesn't matter whether I am going to treadle polychrome style (the first scarf), or Summer and Winter tromp as writ (the second scarf). I need multiple variations of the colors.

What I did, when I realized this, was to go to my ring binder of dye samplers and look at all the reds and blues there. From these I picked out the ones I liked. My plan right now is to dye five skeins of different reds and six skeins of different blues. Plus some other colors. Including neutrals.

I'm going to be spending a fair amount of time sweating over dye pots!

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