Monday, March 3, 2008


This is a view from the back of my loom. The back rod is ready to go up over the back beam. Before it can do that, however, I need to remove the raddle. The raddle is currently sitting on top of the back beams, and the prongs on the raddle are facing towards the back.


The raddle is by LeClerc and has half-inch spaces. It is very versatile, but it is not the only raddle I have. I also have a raddle with one-inch spaces made by Schacht. This raddle dates back to my early weaving days when I was making rugs. I wove them at a very low epi.

I also have a home-made raddle with quarter-inch spaces. This is probably the one I use the most. It is a little difficult to use, however, because I did not pound all the nails in exactly straight! To be truthful, some of the nails are really really crooked. Perhaps I shall post a picture someday.........


Hanging off the back of the loom are two colorful knitting intarsia bobbins. I use these to wind on the floating selvedges. The white shoelaces hold some light weights which I attach to the bobbins. This way I can weight those selvedge threads as heavily as I need to.

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