Friday, March 7, 2008


For those who have just dropped in (or not) and have no idea what is going on at this moment, here is the crackle threading I am using. It is a threading which creates 8 blocks while using only 4 shafts.

If you are at all familiar with 4-shaft crackle, you probably wonder, what the..........? Here is what the usual 4-shaft crackle threading is more likely to look like:

This second threading is standard 4-shaft crackle threading. The first is not.

That first threading is not original with me. I learned of it in a book by Zielinski. To learn more about this unusual threading, go to a couple of earlier posts:

8 Crackle Blocks on 4 Shafts
8 Crackle Blocks on 4 Shafts Continued

If you want to learn a bit about the more usual 4-shaft crackle, try this post:

Threading 4-Shaft Crackle

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