Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dye Sampling Update

Woven Yesterday: 8.5"
Total Woven To Date: 28.5"

I am on the last leg of dyeing samples for the next silk warp. The top samples are gradated dullings of blue. The brightest blue with only a bit of yellow-orange added is at the left. The dullest blue is at the right. There the percentage of blue is 70% and the percentage of yellow- orange is 30%. It is almost neutral, but not quite.

I had done an earlier sample series using this blue. But I used a very reddish orange. Also, I restricted the samples to the red-orange to dull side, not the blue side. Go here to see those colors.

One of the interesting differences in using yellow-orange instead of red-orange is that the red-orange used earlier results in greater differences in dullness than the yellow orange does. The red in the red-orange is much more powerful than the comparatively small amount of red in the yellow-orange. And yellow is a very weak color.

Blue is going to be the major actual color that I will be using. This is in contrast to the large amount of neutral color I plan on using. Because blue will play a major role, I needed to see the blue side of the sampling. Later this week I plan on doing one more sampling of blues, but this time using a blue that is closer to a true blue, less a teal.

The second sample above is my last set of neutrals. Minus one. Yes, there should be a sample wound on the card in that empty middle spot. The yarn for it was in the jar. But when I poured more boiling water into the pan to bring the level of the water bath up, I tipped over that particular jar. Yarn and dye spilled into the pan. So, when I do the next dyeing of blues, I will dye the missing neutral.

This neutral, by the way turned out to be a very nice brown. It was created by mixing 30% blue and 70% yellow-orange.

The yarn wrapping on the left side of the card is brown dyed at 2% depth of shade. The yarn wrapping on the right is brown dyed on 0.5% DOS (depth of shade.) The missing spot will be filled with yarn dyed at 1% DOS.

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