Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Progress on Trim Fabric

Total Woven To Date: 13"
Woven Yesterday: 8"

I mentioned in an earlier post how surprised I had been when I stood at the back of the loom and caught a glimpse of the fabric..........upside down. Yesterday when I was done weaving I took a lot of pictures. This time I took some from the back of the loom. This was not particularly easy to get the camera up over the shafts and I really didn't hold out a lot of hope for the pictures. They turned out to be the best pictures.

The first image is a little blurry and so gives an impressionist feel. The receding look that happened from the angle of the camera adds to that feel. I rather like the effect. In reality, though, the fabric looks more like the close-up below.

This is really a pretty good picture of what the fabric actually looks like. Usually when I take a closeup, I zoom all the way, but this time I didn't. It worked.

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Leigh said...

I like the way the colors are working out. Very attractive.