Monday, October 8, 2007

Two New Weaving Blog Links

Amount woven Friday: 1.5"
Amount woven to date: 3 yards + 27.5"

I have added two links to my list of weaving blogs. One is to Shirley Treasure, who does all sorts of interesting weaving. The other is to the Handweavers,' Spinners' and Dyers' Guild of Western Australia. Here are lots of photos of pieces from different shows. May of these pieces are indeed inspiring. The site seems to be run by Shirley Treasure, but I am not sure.

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Shirley Treasure said...

Hi Peg, Thank you for posting my site to your lists of weaving sites. I will also reverse the complement.
Yes, I also over-see the HWS&D Guild of Western Australia. I am the current vice-president of the guild and found just a monthly mail out was not enough! so, I started posting photos of members work on-line and the interest has been amazing. Perth city may be the most isolated city in the world but we have no shortage of talented weavers doing such fantastic work.
Happy Weaving
Shirley Treasure