Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Yellow + Violet

Amount woven yesterday: 5"
Amount woven to date: 3 yards + 13.5"

The image is a bit blurry but the colors reproduction is not bad. The colors I used for this dye run are Sabraset/Lanaset Sun Yellow and Sabraset/Lanaset Violet. Earlier I did a similar dye run, using the Sun Yellow but created a mix for the Violet rather than the Sabraset Violet. The mix consisted of 95% SAB Violet plus 5% SAB Scarlet. The two dye runs are almost identical. Clearly the little bit of SAB Scarlet I added did not affect the dye run perceptibly, though I think I like the composed violet a little better. In any case, I will doubtless use the simpler combination in working out the neutrals.

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