Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Neutral Dye Samples: Yellow plus Violet

Amount woven yesterday: 3.0"
Amount woven to date: 2 yards + 36" -- also known as 3 yards!

Here is another dye run of seven combinations, this time of Sabraset Yellow and Violet.

Here is the dye run with Yellow Green and Red Violet.

The differences are much clearer in real life. Yesterday's dye run with the violet results in neutrals which are much browner, much less golden or even reddish. These browns are, in other words, much cooler. The previous dye run's browns are much warmer.

Until I can learn how to get more accurate colors, I am going to have to lean on verbal descriptions as correctives.

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Karren said...

Peg, I have linked to your dyeing samples on my blog and put some small images I borrowed. Can you share with us wha t dyes you are using?