Thursday, September 6, 2007

Anger despite Playing with Dyes

Amount woven yesterday: 0.0"
Amount woven to date: 1 yard+29.5"

I was so angry with myself. I wove nothing yesterday. I didn't throw a single pass. It's not as if I sat on my butt all day. I spent part of the day mixing dye stock solutions to make the colors that I am going to use for my first set of dye experiments for my next warp.

This morning, when I started weaving today, all the anger left.

Here is a picture of my dyeing "work station"--a part of my kitchen counter. I work only with liquid solutions here, not with dye powders. The making of the stock solutions using the dye powders I do in the garage, with the garage door wide open (and no breeze coming in).

Newspapers are much in evidence. I need them to soak up any spilled dye. But invisible and underneath is a length of oil cloth. This is the same oil cloth my mother used to use on her kitchen table. I buy it by the yard at Hancock Fabrics. I still need the newspapers, however, because the oilcloth does not absorb liquid. I do not want to risk any spilled liquid running onto the floor!

To the right are the stock solutions. These are pure colors made from dye powders. Most are Sabraset dyes, but there is a Washfast Acid magenta. To the right are the six colors I made up yesterday. These are the colors I will use to dye sample pieces of silk. I will use them "pure" first in order to have a record of what the unadulterated colors look like. Then I will mix them in various proportions.

In the glass jar between the two sets of dyes are some of my instruments, pipettes for measuring small amounts of liquid and thermometers for checking the temperature of the dye pots. The white round thing in the front is the bulb I use to draw up the liquid into the pipettes. Then there is masking tape that I use to label the solutions. Rubber gloves.

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Leigh said...

I like your plastic dye stock containers. I'll have to look around for some of these. I use pint mason jars, but they are pretty heavy, not to mention potentially breakable.