Monday, September 24, 2007

June Fiber Arts Symposium

I received my Surface Design Newsletter today. In it was a report on a weekend conference coming up in April 2008 near Philadelphia. The opening speaker will be Susan Brandeis. Her talk is called "Living a Creative Life." According to the newsletter, Brandeis will deal with the question of how "we build a creative life and integrate it with demands of job, family and community."

Would I ever like to hear that talk! I am struggling this week with what seems like a tonload of community activities. And I have been feeling so frustrated in trying to figure out how to keep up my usual pace for weaving/dyeing related activities that I have been angry at these other demands on my time. Actually, in the summer, I even got a bit out of sorts with what seemed to be the too frequent long weekend vacation type trips.

Well, of course, I can't keep up the pace that I want to! So I've got to figure out how to stop being angry (and, I must confess, a bit resentful as well) so that I can enjoy both the creative activites I engage in and my "extra-curricular" activities as well.

Unfortunately I cannot attend. But I do hope that Brandeis' talk gets printed up somewhere! For more information on this symposium, which is sponsored both by the Surface Design Association and Studio Quilt Art Associates, go to the conference page at SDA. You must be a member of one of the two sponsoring organizations to attend.

Susan has written, by the way, an interesting article on how to start an maintain a critique group. Go here to read it.

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