Monday, September 3, 2007

Mirrors and Weaving

Amount woven Friday: 5.5"
Amount woven to date: 1 yard+14"

Here is a bit of my mirror setup at the loom. This is the mirror on my right as I sit at the loom. The shed on the loom is closed. You can see, however, the raised warp thread on the right. If you look at the mirror, you can also see it (faintly) in the mirror. That is a floating selvedge. From it, you can get an idea of what I see in the mirror when the shed is open.

I also have a mirror on the left side of the loom. I really need to check on both sides. They also help me make sure my shuttle is really going over and under the appropriate floating selvedges in the way that they ought to.

In addition, on my right side, at my back, I have a floor lamp which focusses on the warp. And on the left side of the loom, I have a small long-necked lamp sitting on the table. The light from this lamp also focusses on the warp. These lamps make all the difference in the world in allowing me to see clearly through the sheds.

The mirrors, by the way, are inexpensive cosmetic mirrors. The ability to tilt them at an angle facilitates getting a good view of the open shed. One side of each mirror magnifies. I do not use that side!

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