Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Dorothy recently commented:

"I just looked back at your oyster shell.... Please forgive me for being mischievous..., but I notice the shells have interesting texture as well as colour."

Oh yes, Dorothy is being "mischievous" here. She probably has already figured out how my passion for color dominates everything else, including texture! Texture is something that I never even tiptoe near.

But she is right about the implications for texture in that picture. The texture I see is a ridged texture. I am going to make a note of this because I can already see possibilities. Because I am so inexperienced in using texture in my weaving, these possibilities are among the most obvious possible. But the obvious is a good place to begin.

And as well, making notes is not designing or weaving, but it is a place to begin, if only hesitantly, tentatively, warily............

Dorothy, you can be mischievous anytime! Thank you.

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