Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Neutral Dye Samples: Yellow Green plus Red Violet

Amount woven yesterday: 2.0"
Amount woven to date: 2 yards + 33"

At last I am into mixing dye colors to get neutrals. The first dye run, pictured here, consists of a series of combinations of yellow-green and red-violet. At the left, the proportions are 60% RV + 40% YG. At the other extreme, on the right, the proportions are 5% RV + 95% YG. Obviously neither of these produce neutrals, though there is nice toning.

Looking at the colors in real life, the neutrals begin with the second color on the right end: 10% RV + 90% YG. It's really a lovely golden tan. It also shows how strong RV is in comparison to YG: it takes very little RV to create a neutral. The neutrals continue through the 4th sample from the right. The proportions on that sample are: 20% RV + 80% YG. Adding proportionately any more RV moves the results into something that is no longer brown but definitely red.

However, whether that fifth sample would read as a reddish brown or a red would probably depend on the surrounding colors. I may end up using it. I definitely like it!

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