Thursday, October 4, 2007


Amount woven yesterday: 1.5"
Amount woven to date: 3 yards + 19"

Recently I subscribed to an email newsletter put out by fiber artist Virginia Spiegel. In the archives, I found a newsletter in which she asked the following questions, questions that I am trying to take to heart in terms of my weaving. Her words are excerpted from the Fall #1 2005 issue:

"...Are we, as artists, stubborn enough in our studios? Do we show up at our studio at the appointed time, every time? Are we 100% committed to sweat out the tough times, laugh at the disasters, be immune to what others might think and work, work, work? Are we stubborn enough to know that our early efforts don't count, that it is the being there and the doing that will pay off in the end?"

These are tough words to hear.

Virginia has collected her essays into an E-book which is about to be published. The book is called Art, Nature, Creativity, Life. Anyone interested in learning more about the book can go here.

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