Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Don't Count Your Chickens Before..........

My so-called "brilliant" idea turned out to be a disaster. Well, perhaps that is a very slight exaggeration. But I certainly didn't like it at all. I even left the loom and did something else after I'd woven enough to thoroughly dislike it. Leaving didn't help. So I looked at my original samplings and tried some other possibilities. Nothing worked.

I was in a funk for the rest of the afternoon. Actually, for the rest of the day. But today, after a good night's sleep, I tried some other things, including a treadling I had not tried in the earlier samples. I tried treadling on opposites. Well, it was kind of right but the colors were wrong. The two weft colors I had used were the light blue and the light violet I had used as two of the wefts in the yardage. I would have liked this as separate yardage. But I didn't like it as a coordinate for the current yardage.

So I tried again. And I left the loom and returned and tried again.

Finally I think I'm almost there. I'm back to the treadling on opposites. Instead of the light blue, I tried using the more medium blue I had used in the warp. And instead of the light violet , I tried using the light yellow I had used in the weft of the yardage. This has turned out to be very close to a viable idea. But the light yellow is wrong. The next time I return to the loom I will try the more golden yellow that is in the warp.

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Penny said...

Hmmm, I think I will print this post and keep it in my wallet when I go shopping for yarn. It is the perfect example of why we need large stashes to help us through these times!