Thursday, July 12, 2007

Design Boards

I did get the design boards done before leaving for Washington, DC. I love them. Even my husband loves them. Thank you, Valerie!

The first image is part of the group of samples I wove for 4-shaft effect. Somewhere in there is the sample treadling and colors that I am going to use for the crackle jacket I am designing. And somewhere else in there is the sample treadling and colors I am thinking about for some 30/2 silk. The colors will be a bit different, but they will probably reflect the intensity and depth of the coloration of this sample.

I did two boards, by the way, because the samples were so long. Now on reflection, I see it would probably have been better to have made three. Also, I did not cut the samples at the break between 4-shaft and 8-shaft treadling. Who knows why. I just wasn't thinking. I was in a hurry. In any case, in about the middle of the sampler there is an thickish orange line. This is the color of the yarn I used to weave the separations between the treadling samples. Everything to the left of that orange thickish line is treadled for 4-shaft effect; everything to the right for 8-shaft effect.

I have cropped the images, so not much of the board itself is visible. And I have turned the images 90 degrees because they seemed to me to make read that way. One thing that is interesting is the narrowing of the warp, primarily on one side. This is not something I worry about on samples since I am not concerned about technical issues. I won't mention the weft skips.

So I am ready to leave. I have even figured out some of the tie-ups and treadlings I want to try on the remaining baby blanket warp.

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Leigh said...

Wonderful samples, Peg. Very interesting to study. So have a good trip!