Friday, July 27, 2007

Crackle Jacket: Making the Warp

The color planning I have done for the warp does make for difficulties in winding the warp. Winding it on the warping board is going to go very very slowly. I am used to winding on 2-4 ends at a time; I have to wind this warp as individual ends. I normally make 20 trips around the board for thread-marking purposes. But in this case I am making only 10 before I put in the marking thread. And, of course, the color changes usually do not coincide with the number 10. So, at the same time, when I finish with one color, I mark it off on the piece of paper. This is another reason why I felt there ought to be more regularity in the design of the structure itself. Much as I like asymmetry and randomness, I believe there must be some order or all I would have would be a mess.

I have decided, however, I am not going to agonize over the exact number of ends so far as the color changes go. If I get confused in the winding process and can't figure out exactly where I am, I am not going to obsess over the issue. The changes do not coincide with block divisions. They are not supposed to coincide with block divisions.The end effect is supposed to be kind of free flowing in terms of color changes. I made a plan for the changes only because I think that too much randomness results in something unreadable and unpleasant. I think that as long as there is some kind of order, even if that order cannot be perceived but would have to be discovered through analysis, that there will be an underlying sense of order.

Winding this warp on the board will nevertheless be very slow going It will be awhile before I have finished making it,

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Leigh said...

I'm just getting caught up with your crackle posts. I appreciate following your thought process along with you. I can empathize about the color changes in your warp ends. I think I went through something similar with some of my fibonacci experiments. But.... if the color changes don't match the blocks anyway, who will know the difference if you make a "mistake"!