Thursday, July 5, 2007

8-Shaft Crackle

There are at least two things that can be observed about the crackle samples I wove for the Complex Weavers' Crackle Exchange this spring. First, I wove them on 8 shafts, not the 4 that is normally associated with crackled weave. Second, neither the draft nor the woven sample resemble the 4-shaft crackle stuff I have been showing so far on the blog.

Now this is not a bad thing or a good thing. It is just a different thing. And I'm not sure that it suits my current interest in color play.

Meanwhile, I wait to see what the end-of-the loom sample weaving brings to light. Of course, I have some ideas, but they are only ideas right now. In the midst of weaving sample treadlings, ideas tend in the heat of the moment to seem either brilliant or horrid. But that is an exaggeratedly close-up view sitting at the loom. Probably none of the ideas is either. So I await partial drying and pressing so I can get a bit more impartial view of what went on as I sat at the loom. Actually, if truth were to be told, I am a bit nervous............ I do hope for one small bit on that warp to speak to me.

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