Monday, July 23, 2007

Thoughts While Weaving Samples

One of my intentions in weaving these samples is to find a design I might like for an afghan. I have envisioned the afghan in the same acrylic yarn I used for the baby blanket because it is so light, soft, and cuddly. Also, way back in my machine-knitting days I knit a lace afghan for our bedroom which I have truly worn out, I have liked it so much.

Why acrylic? Why not a nice soft merino or merino-silk? Yes, these would make lovely afghans. And I am not allergic to wool. However, in this case, the ability to throw the piece in the washer and dryer is a definite plus. The older I get, the more of a plus it becomes. This is not because I am lazy---which I am. It is because I am now old enough that I can imagine myself ending up in some kind of facility where everything I own will end up in the washer and dryer. So I am taking precautions against a possible future which I am working hard to avoid.

I have envisioned this new afghan in the same squares as the baby blankets, but in 3 colors. Actually, the idea came upon me because I have a lot of leftover yarn and was trying to think how I might use it up. I thought it might be fun to get a third color of the same yarn and weave an afghan with it.

As I have gotten into weaving the samples and have begun feeling the woven fabric between my fingers, I have discovered that this fabric seems to be thicker than the baby blanket fabric. Also, it feels like it will not drape so well. But really, this is not a surprise. The baby blanket was woven with a straight twill treadling on a straight twill threading, and this comibnation will probably yield the most drapeable fabric possible with any given yarn. And pressing only makes the fabric drape more nicely.

Why should I want an afghan to drape nicely? To me, a soft fabric that drapes well feels much more warm and comforting than a fabric which does not have these characteristics. So I will definitely have to wash and press the samples to see if pressing brings out softness and draping.


Donna said...

Peg, so true that an afghan needs to soft and drapey, and cuddley. This is what I was aiming for in the plaid baby blanket, however the acrylic I used did not, inspite of the twill, produce a very soft fabric. So, let me ask which acrylic yarn you might be using for your samples, and intended afghan? I have some Dazzleaire that I'm thinking would weave a nice blanket. Time will tell. And, I *will* sample everything from now on!! Should I assume the warp of your afghan will also be the same acrylic?

Leigh said...

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who's been weaving with acrylic yarns these days. I agree with you about washability! What brand yarn are you using?