Sunday, July 22, 2007

Even Warp Tensioning

Leigh made the following comment on my previous post:

It seems that (in my haphazard experience) the overall warptension usually seems tightest in the center of the loom, and it loosens toward the sides. I always assumed it was just me.

Like Leigh, when I have problems, I generally tend to assume that they are "just me." Implied in this, of course, is that nobody else has such a problem. In fact, nobody else has ever had such a problem!!! I wonder how many of us have a tendency to feel this way. Even after 8 years of weaving experience, I still do.

I have noticed the tendency in my warps tending to be looser on the sides than at the center. I wonder if this becomes more possible the wider the warp? Still, on the blanket warp which I was talking about, it was only the left side which was looser, not the right. I do have some ideas vis-a-vis knotting, mason twine and techniques for tensioning that I will try out on the next warp.

Also, Leigh goes on to say:

I have used Peggy's 2 stick header even when I haven't cut projects off the warp, and find that it really evens the tension out.

And this is one of the things I will try on the next warp. Usually just throwing those first shots of yarn to separate the warp ends also evens out the tension pretty well. I always find it interesting to see the various ends bubbling up and tightening in the process. And I always wonder, did I do that lousy of a job?! Anyway, if I really seem to be having problems, I will add Leigh's suggestion to my arsenal.


Donna said...

I also share the same thinking: it must be me; no one else seems to have a problem with [whatever]. My warps have been tighter in the middle, tighter on one side, tighter on both sides...I fail to discern the cause each time, but usually work something out for the particular project. This does nothing to help me prevent the problem the next go round.

Peg, thank you for your visit and comments.

Leigh said...

Well, one thing is for sure, it's nice to know we're not alone with this problems! I did not use the Osterkamp 2 stick header on my last warp and had loose sides again. If you ever try this trick I'll be very interested in what you think of this method and if it helps you. I'm definitely going to use it again on my next warp.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Leigh, just discovered your comment here! It seems that the loose edge threads for me come from the knot on the left side that I tie on the lashing cord with, from that knot slipping a bit. I have been working with the issue and I think I've got it resolved. I do use Osterkamp's 2-stick technique for cutting off when there is still more to weave and like it very much.