Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sampling for Acrylic Afghan

I did finish the samples on the left-over baby blanket warp. I tried several different tie-ups. I'm kind of glad I did that because frequent changing of tie-ups has changed my previous attitude of wanting to avoid changing them. And I tried a lot of different treadlings. I enjoyed seeing the results. Here are two of my favorites.

When I washed and killed the samples, the fabric did soften nicely. But I really don't like the samples at all. None of them is right for the afghan I envision. I can't explain why. Perhaps the patterning of the threads conflicts/disturbs the plaid effect of the colors. I suspect that adding a third color would intensify the disturbing effect.

Or perhaps I'm really not a structure person at all. Sara Lamb had an excellent post recently on structure and color people. For more, take a look at her post for July 27. I definitely fit into the category of a color person. However, I do use structure, but for the purpose of exploiting color.

I think I will go with the good old plain twill from the baby blanket. Sometimes simple really is better.

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Leigh said...

Perhaps one of these for another project? I really like the one on the right. I can't honestly say that "disturbing" came to mind here, but that word sparked some thinking. I'm guessing that from a distance there would be a visual mellowing to some sort of green(?). But then, that is what's so fascinating about color, and as you say, how structure effects it. Sample on!