Saturday, July 21, 2007

More Time, Please

When I arrived home from Washington, D.C., I found a very sick computer. She is still in the computer hospital. But I also arrived home to the additional cotton yarn I need for the crackle jacket I am designing. Yes, I wanted to jump immediately to that project. Forget unpacking. Forget washing clothes. Forget eating dinner. Well, maybe not the last. Forget the extra blanket warp left on the loom for tie-up and treadle experiments.

I didn’t forget any of those things. Most of all, I did not forget the left-over blanket warp still on the loom.

Oh, if only I had two looms! I could then do both. There are many times I yearn for a second loom, just so I could start another project while I am weaving off a current one. Or I could use it to weave samples for the project going around in my head as I weave off the current project. A second loom would be the answer to all my prayers.

But wait a minute. How could I do both at the same time? I could alternate, and indeed I frequently do this. I will be designing, dyeing, or making a warp for the next project during those times when I am not actually weaving on the current project. This works very well for me. So a second loom really isn’t the answer.

Or is it? One time when I really really want one is when something like a swap deadline comes up. Then I could just stop weaving on the current project, temporarily, of course. I could proceed with the swap project and, when that is done, come back to the current project. I’m afraid that planning ahead is the answer there.

There is only one answer to my problem, and it is not a second loom. It is, quite simply:. more time, please.

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Donna said...

Peg, you have summed that up quite nicely, indeed. Wouldn't it be wonderful to keep little packets of dehydrated or freeze-dried "Time" in our weaving notions box for when the extra minutes are so needed?

In response to your post regarding selvedges, I just want to say the two-stick heading you mention is a real saver for multiple project warps. Peggy Osterkamp's book is so full of really great tips like that, and I am wearing my copy out quickly!

Are your specially-weighted selvedge warps floating?