Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Weaving Records

Valerie made some interesting comments on weaving records. She had suggested keeping a basic information page, using either the HGA pages as a model or, if you have weaving software, the printout from it. Then she suggested mounting the sample on a piece of card and keeping it and the printed record in a large ring-binder.

This is an excellent idea for a project such as the baby blanket I have woven. There is only one sample and I have the printout from my weaving software.

The problem for me is the weaving of multiple samples before I even start the project! For example, the crackle samples I just finished have something like 22 different treadlings on 2 different tie-ups. Following Valerie's idea, I could cut the samples apart, create a separate printed document for each sample, and put each sample, with its corresponding print-out, into a large ring binder. Perhaps that is what I need to do in the end, though I think with this technique I would fill up ring-binders pretty quickly, yes, even the monster ones! And this would be especially true where I weave a second set of samples based on what I have learned from the first set.

As I think about Valerie's suggestion, I am wondering if, in the case of these multiple-sample projects, it wouldn't be better to dedicate a smaller ring-binder for each such project. This would be a great deal of work, but I think it might be worth it.

Right now, however, I need the samples in one piece and the documentation altogether. But I think, once I am actually weaving the jacket fabric, I may cut them up, etc., and dedicate a separate notebook for it.

Here is the second suggestion Valerie made which I think is so super I am quoting it:

"In the tapestry workshop I just took, Ann had us mount our samples onto mat board w/ sticky back velcro. Then you can hang or prop the mat board in your studio to let the learning sink in. I think you're on the right track to want to keep them in view for awhile."

This particular sample is quite long, but I could easily cut it in half at the point where I change the tie-up and then mount the two on separate mat boards, either hung or propped. That would make them more visible than they currently would be hanging them over the rack.

Thank you, Valerie!

Can I get this done before I leave for Washington, D.C. on Friday morning? We shall see.

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