Friday, July 27, 2007

Crackle Jacket: Slight Change in Design

It was the middle of the night. I woke up.The block design for the crackle fabric needed just a tiny bit of loosening. I went back to sleep. After breakfast in the morning, I opened up the computer file and played with the design. Here it is.

Here is what I changed. The first time the C block appears, I changed it from 6 to 3 units, and did the same thing later when the blocks moved from D back to A. Then, on the much smaller motives, I changed the turning point of each motive (the C block in the case of the first motive, and the D block in the case of the second) from 2 units to 3 units. My aim is to make the weave pattern just a little more fluid, while still retaining the sense of pattern.

The pattern I see 2 small rises and falls within a larger rise and then fall. I want the pattern to be there, but diffused. I hope for it to be diffused both my these subtle changes and, more importantly, by the use of color. I am getting very eager to see how this will all turn out!

The practical result is fewer warp threads. The warp will still be a bit wider than it needs to be, and that is good. I have already finished one bout so it will have a few more warp ends in it than the other 5 bouts, 14 more to be exact. Because I weight the bouts individually as I wind the warp onto the warp beam, it is important that all the bouts weigh the same. That way the bouts should all wind on the beam with the same amount of tension. I do not think (or at least I hope!) that 14 fewer ends in one bout of 10/2 pearl cotton is going to have a significant difference. And the warp is only 7 yards long, which will also help.

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