Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Of Dyers and Weavers

Or, in this instance, of one in particular.

Karren Brito recently left a comment on this blog. I know her to be a marvelous dyer whose shibori pieces are works of art. But she is also an educator. She has written Shibori: Creating Color and Texture on Silk. I consider this an indispensable book for anyone working with acid dyes. And on the Dyers Email List she is generous with her help.

But, as Karren informed me, she is also a weaver. She has multiple looms but no room for them in her dye studio. I suspect with all her creative dyeing work, she has no time right now for weaving either. She says, however, that the weaving is waiting for retirement. I hate to see her retire from her shibori dyeing, but I look forward to see the marvels she creates at her looms.

I especially wonder what Karren's incredible dyeing skills will bring to her weaving. A long time ago, I was looking at a tapestry exhibit. I had been playing a bit with tapestry weaving at the time. As I looked at those tapestries, I could see some tapestries as having been woven with a certain manufacturer's yarn because I recognized the colors. I found that so distracting that I was glad that I had already embarked on my own dyeing adventures.

By the way, my links are now visible, thanks to Leigh's help! Little did I know what I had to do to get them to be blue.

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