Thursday, July 12, 2007

Panic Time

In putting together the weaving samples with the documentation, I discovered........I am missing the notes on the last 5 treadlings! What that means is that I never took my handwritten notes and entered them into the computer.

Before I wove each of the samples, I made decisions about treadling and colors and wrote them down on lined paper. After I wove a few, I would transfer them to the computer. This is my normal pattern in weaving a set of samples. If I don't do that fairly quickly I am in danger of not being able to read my handwriting. I am so focussed on the weaving that I make those notes as quickly as possible and so my handwriting does get a bit sloppy, well, very sloppy if truth be told.

Somewhere there are some missing handwritten notes..............

The good news. I can easily reconstruct the information for the last 3 treadlings because they were treadled overshot style, 2 with 10/2 as pattern weft and one with 20/2 as pattern weft. And because of the overshot treadling, the color order is easy to identify.

And I remember the treadling of the first 2, though not the exact order. And it will be a little difficult to reconstruct the color orders, but not impossible.

In any case, I did not much care for those treadlings anyway! Actually it was the overshot treadlings that I really didn't care for. I hadn't thought that I would like them, but I had never tried treadling overshot style. In the past, I had been skeptical about my liking overshot-style treadling, so I hadn't wanted to "waste" precious warp. But I finally decided that I really did need to try it. Maybe the fact that I didn't care for the results contributed to my negligence with my handwritten notes?

Is there a moral here? Well, there is for me. Best of all, get those notes into the computer sooner than later. Next best, if I can't do that, make sure they go in the right folder and the folder kept in the place it belongs.

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