Monday, October 1, 2007


No weaving accomplished Friday. But today it feels good to get back to the weaving.

Once I got started, my head started spinning with ideas. At first they were ideas having to do with my next silk warp. The ideas focussed mainly on possibilities of ikat and dip dyeing, and colors I wanted to use. But then my spinning mind returned to the fabric in front of me. I was looking forward to finishing this up. Finishing it up is going to come sooner than planned.

The end is coming before the total amount of planned yardage is woven because I am running out of the brown cotton. I ordered more. When they told me it was on backorder I started to worry. I was worried mostly because often back orders of pearl cotton take a long long time. I could see a warp just sitting there waiting for? Well, I didn't know how long the loom would just sit there.........

Actually it turned out that I was worried about the wrong thing. The yarn did arrive. On non-weaving Friday, by the way. It was obvious even to my color insensitive husband that this new yarn was a totally different dye lot from the old yarn. The color numbers were the same and there are no dye lot numbers. But it was a totally different brown.

Actually, that difference in color didn't really make me as unhappy as it might have a week or so earlier. I had already thought about weaving another yard with a different weft design which I would use as trim. There would be no brown in this next piece. So at first I was actually unhappy when I saw the package. That meant that I could just finish the yardage as planned and there would be no risk taking. I would not longer be forced into trying an experiment of sorts. When I opened the package and saw the color, in a moment I was actually happy. I was forced into plan B!

Anyway, returning to sitting at the loom with my spinning mind reacting to the fabric beneath my nose. My original plan had involved making the finished yardage into a jacket with only a few pieces. I wanted to break up the design of the fabric as little as possible. But my mind started to spin another way. Early on in the design process I had rejected the notion of anything with princess seams precisely because these garment design elements would break up the fabric design. But my spinning mind began to question the validity of that logic. By the time I was ready to stop weaving this morning, I had done a turnaround. I was convinced that actually in the case of this fabric, breaking it up with something like princess seaming would be a very good idea!

I also looked through my latest Vogue Pattern Magazine and found the cutest short jacket with seams than break up the fabric. It requires so little fabric I could actually stop weaving now. But I'm not sure what I would wear it with, and I think it would probably look best on a size 8 young woman. It's a little too "cute" for me. But I am going to check out the Chanel type jacket patterns.

Then I found in my pattern stash a Vogue pattern that uses trim along the front and the sleeve edges. And the trim requires only 3/4 yards of fabric, so one yard of the accessory fabric I planned to weave would be fine.

Possibilities. Possibilities are so wonderful and yet so frustrating.

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