Monday, October 22, 2007

Unweaving and Weaving

Woven Friday: 5"
Total Woven To Date: 20"

On Friday I wove the warp back to where I was before I unwove. Today I can move on.

I'm glad I unwove. If nothing else, I feel better about myself as a weaver. Bonnie gave me a whole new perspective on the unweaving thing. She left a comment which I think deserves being up front on the blog for all to read. Here it is:

"The true joy and miracle of unweaving is....that we can. When I shared my weaving studio with a wood carver, he wistfully said one day 'Many's the time I wish I could uncarve'. My appreciation and gratitude for unweaving was born on that day,"


Bonnie said...

Thanks for featuring my unweaving comment. I am gratified to know it was helpful to you and now, hopefully, others as well.

Dorothy said...

Thanks for sharing this Peg, I think I need to put that quote on the wall by my loom,to put a smile on my face at those difficult moments where I teter between wanting to carry on and knowing it's time to undo a few rows.

Susan B. said...

How true! My brother is a letter carver so I am betting he wishes he could unletter at times! It gives me a new perspective on unweaving which I seemed to have been doing a lot lately!
And thanks for visiting my blog, Peg!