Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Out of Brown Yarn

Amount woven yesterday: 5"
Final length: 3 yards + 32.5"

And being out of brown yarn means I am done weaving the basic yardage. I was surprised how long the brown lasted. I actually got fairly close to my original intention of 4.1 yards. Now I can move on to weaving what I am going to call the trim.

My plan is to use this trim for border/edging, either at the hems of the jacket and sleeves or along the front, or maybe both. So I want something a bit different, but something that will still fit in with the yardage.

To accomplish this, I am planning to weave something much simpler than the original yardage.The repeat will be much shorter. The weft will be only lavender and blue. And the treadling will yield what are the equivalent of 4-shaft crackle blocks. To get these blocks I will treadle 1 B, 2 V repeat x times; 3 B, 4V repeat x times. X is yet to be determined. I am eager to get started!

To tell the truth, I am glad to be done with the basic yardage and get into weaving something different. The repetition was beginning to get to me, as witness my mistakes the past few days. Still, I have gained more weaving skill for having woven this. I felt this as I continued to weave and that feeling one of the things that helped to keep me going.

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