Thursday, April 17, 2008


Deep End of the Loom and Dorothy have both helped me in my attempts to rid myself of stash guilt.

Deep End commented that her mother has a large stash of fabric. This way, "...when she wants to create she has what she love[s] on hand...

"So I think you could weave [for] the shear pleasure of the process, [for] your enjoyment and relaxation. If you find one pattern that you love you may already have the yardage you need to make it. It can only be win/win

I love win/win situations!

One caveat to Deep End's comment however: I do NOT weave for relaxation! Weaving is engaging, exciting, frustrating, demanding, thrilling, boring, horrible, wonderful, tedious, delightful, surprising, exhilarating, dreadful and always, always challenging..........but weaving is NOT relaxing!

More adjectives anyone?

To relax I either knit or spin. Especially spin. Very calming.

Dorothy commented that " need to know how a fabric feels and behaves before you can know what sort of pattern it is suited to. I think the worst thing you could do is feel you have to make the fabric up and to use a pattern you aren't entirely happy with - handwoven is far to precious for that."

Dorothy has not been weaving for very long, but she has developed wisdom quickly!

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Susan B. said...

No, not relaxing but I find weaving centering (thus the name of my blog). I find it a very inner process and totally challenging to me in so many ways!