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I had finished the planned sampling and was getting ready to start on the next art piece, #5.  This was to be a new (and hopefully improved!) version of Art Piece # 2.  Go here to read more about that piece.  I wanted to make a successful piece using the concept of yellow blocks against a dark blue background. 

Ready to start the first few shots and do some hemstitching, I hesitated.  What treadles would be the best to use?  I looked at the information on the original piece.  I decided I wasn't really sure.


Lodged in my head, as well, was the sentence I had quoted from my new knitting book, Knitting as Art:

"Beautifully made, considered sampling underpins contemporary textile practice, while informing the next step in the development process." (p. 123)

I needed to do more sampling.  I needed to try out all the different color distributions possible on any two given treadles.  I have not finished but here it is

sampling all treadling combinations

In order to make it easier to separate the blocks visually, I alternated pink and yellow for the pattern wefts. That is the first and all subsequent odd-numbered blocks I used pink for the two pattern treadles.  On the second and all subsequent even-number blocks, I used light yellow.  For the rest of the treadles I used a medium-dark green.

At first I didn't particularly enjoy this sampling.  The results seemed quite blah.  But still I knew that they would be helpful.  As I wove I began to grow more excited, so excited that I forgot about lunch---forgetting about lunch simply does not happen to me!   I think what is happening is just delightful!  What I may do for the Complex Weavers crackle exchange group is precisely what I am doing in this sample.   Maybe add a light green.  I have enough warp to weave it up for the fall exchange.

One thing I had not anticipated:  the neutralizing effect on the red warp of the green wefts.  This helps the pale yellow and pink blocks become more effective.  I knew about the concept of opposites neutralizing each other, but this is the first time I have seen it actually happening.

I am a very happy camper.  I am only angry that I have so many other things to attend to today that I cannot continue weaving.  On the other hand, it is nice to end the weaving being excited because that will carry over till tomorrow.  I always try, when possible, to stop in the middle of things, so to speak, because that makes starting again the next day so much easier.  Stopping with excitement is a gift.

To find out more about Complex Weavers' Crackle Exchange group, go here.


I have not been happy with my photography lately.  The camera just didn't seem to work right.  Changing the color balance seemed to have no effect, which was so unusual that I began to think that the camera was in some respect broken.   And it was difficult to get a properly developed image where the colors weren't washed out.  The result is that I had to do more experimenting in Paint Shop Pro to get the likeness right.

Then I checked the digital information on the computer.  It said that the flash was on.  I knew it had been off and I wanted it off.  I checked earlier photos to make sure.  Yes, the flash was off.  So somehow, unintentionally, I inadvertently turned the flash back on.  Now i have to check the gosh-darn instructions to figure out how to turn it off. 

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