Friday, August 15, 2008


I went away.  I took a little holiday.  And what did everybody do?  They wrote.  They wrote more.  They posted wonderful pictures.  And more wonderful pictures.  They made me violate, much too often,  my one post per blog limit.  It's definitely not safe to leave town!

1. First, some posts with good technical tips.

Adjusting the Loom -- Charleen's Fiberblog
Let t'katch teach you how to use a paddle
Preparing to Paddle 
The First P: Paddling
If you want to know how to add more yarn at the sides after you have started weaving, here it is. Not to mention learning more about problematic selvedge ends.
Light Bulb Moments with Waffle Weave -- Leigh' Fiber Journal
A picture is definitely worth a thousand words, though Tien's words are also helpful
Live-Weight Tensioned Warp -- Tien's Blog

2. More good weaving posts.   

Two from Meg of Unravelling
How Not to Hang Your Scarves   
Horse Poo Paper  

The second-to-last paragraph of this post I found extremely valuable. It has implications for weavers way beyond the specific topic of the post.
Creating a Networked Threading in Photoshop -- Weaverly

Making painted warps
All in a Morning's Work -- Constance Rose Textile Designs

AVL Fly Shuttle Springs -- Weaver in Paradise
Warping Up -- Geofibres
A Small Cotton Chenille Sampler -- Dot's Fibre to Fabric
Off the Loom -- Fiberewetopia - Valerie's blog
Treadle Foot, Shuttle Finger, and Breast Beam Elbow -- The Straight of
   the Goods
Weaving Software: Fiberworks Video -- Curious Weaver
Working with Bar Codes -- Leigh's Fiber Journal

From someone trying to be a new weaver -- Spinninglizzy's weblog
Hi and Goodbye   
And  then she writes this!
Bergman Treasures and a Reprieve   

A piece by someone else on the Bergman loom
I Would Like to Introduce My Bergman Loom -- Swifter Than a Weavers Shuttle

And another getting close to weaving her first piece on her new to her Cranbrook loom
Closer to the First Warp -- Funny Farm

Two from Sandra's Loom Blog 
Last of the Hummers  
And also a bit about her designing process
Wood Dye Instructions  

Colour and Weave -- Fibres of Being
Doubleweave: Possibly the Coolest Thing Since Sliced Bread -- Tien's Blog
Mission Accomplished -- Fibres of Being
It's Like Winning the Lottery! -- Thrums
Handspun Challenge -- Weaving a Life
A Dream Come True -- Weaving Spirit

A newish weaver (she's becoming more experienced with each warp!) discovers the importance of sett sampling
Re-sleyed -- Centerweave

Be sure to take a look at other things she's woven when you go to this post
Monk's Belt -- Fenix Fiberwerks

3. A post on a weaver

Why should/does a weaver blog?  Here's one answer (and thanks to Meg for posing the question)
Why Blog? -- Tauret  

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Meg in Nelson said...

Not safe to leave town? Ha ha... Some of us are just dying to, even for a little while, but maintaining our sanity by blogging in the meantime? I'll try to. go. more. slowly.

Susan B. said...

Welcome back! I love this list, added some new blogs to my reader! Thanks!

Peg in South Carolina said...

Meg, no need to blog more slowly! Every blogger blogs at her own pace. And when you've got lots to say, you've just gotta say it! Thank you, Susan b.

Taueret said...

welcome back! did you have fun?

Peg in South Carolina said...

Yes, I did have fun. But it is good to be back.