Thursday, August 7, 2008


There were an amazing number of posts these past ten days that I really enjoyed.  Since I try very hard to use only one post per person, I worked very hard in some cases to choose which was my favorite of multiple posts.

If anyone wonders if I use any kind of ordering principle in the listing, the answer is basically no.  The posts pretty much appear in the order I have read them.  There are exceptions from time to time.

More Hummers -- Sandra's Loom Blog 
Backtrack to Rosepath -- Fibres of Being

In this next post Meg lets you in on some computer-assisted loom weaving designing
I don't have a spiffy post title, but........  -- Unravelling

Why Weavers Love Power Outages -- WeaveGeek
Transparency -- Weaverly
4 Shaft Apocalypse -- Taueret
Threading Completed...Not Without Adventure -- Centerweave
Joining the Big Commission -- Weaving Spirit
Japanese Looms and Weavers -- Magic of Light, Mystery of Shadows
'Desert' Collection '08 'Desert Harvest'  -- Shirley Treasure
Saori Weaving and Making 'Cloth' -- Weaving a Life
Up and Weaving! -- Tien's Blog
Fringed and Pressed -- t'katch
Cotton Baby Blankets --- Geofibres

The following post has no title but do read it anyway.  -- Shuttlepilot

A post from a new weaver
My First Attempt at Tying Up -- Quicker than a Weaver's Shuttle........

And a post from a returning weaver
Back at the Loom Again -- Grandma's Flower Garden

Fixing Threading and Treadling Errors -- Fibre to Fabric
Bergman Tie-up Tips -- The Straight of the Goods
A Sett Method and Finished Towels -- Renee Weaves!
Stripes! -- Leigh's Fiber to Fabric
Woven Failure, Lessons Learned -- Deep End of the Loom
Loom of Doom? -- Funny Farm

Using an Inkle Loom 
Experiments with Brocade -- Sharing the Fiber Fever
For anyone who wants to be actively weaving at age 80, this piece is a must-read
The Role is a Workout But She's Fit -- The New York Times    

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Taueret said...

Peg, every week you make my collection of blog feeds GROOOOOW!!! (thanks)

Peg in South Carolina said...

Just call me an enabler........(grin!)

Dorothy said...

Hi Peg, I'm really tired this evening with my head buzzing from working too hard. I managed to finish winding the latest warp, too tired to think of getting it on the loom tonight, but head too busy to rest, so I put on the computer and think I'll have a look at what other weavers are up to.... and here I find you have organised a list! Than you! It's great, like flipping through a magazine. You introduce me to different people I don't otherwise have the time to get out and find :)

Alice said...

Thanks for the information on the other weaving blogs out there. I always find inspiration!

Peg in South Carolina said...

Dorothy and Alice, thank you. I'm very glad that you find these links useful.

Geodyne said...

I really enjoy the list you make of posts each week, and follow every one because I'm always learning something new, or just enjoying looking at someone's scrumptious project.

I've been very suprised and flattered to see two recent posts of mine in there - thankyou!