Monday, August 27, 2007

Weaving Continues

Amount Woven Friday: 8.95"s. No broken warp ends!
Total Amount Woven: 13.75"

Weaving continues. The big surprise is the quality of my sheds. Only on occasion do I find a sticky warp end that doesn't want to go all the way down. In fact, I am finding myself sometimes neglecting to check the mirror. I am trying to be careful because it will be the time when I forget to check it that there will be that recalcitrant warp end. But of course! I'm sure there is a rule about this somewhere.............

I decided to check the tension of the warp ends at the selvedges. I wanted to compare the relative tensions on the two sides. As I had discovered on the previous warp, the tension was less on the left than on the right. On the previous warp there was a great deal of difference and I discovered it too late to do anything other than add weights to the warp ends at the back of the loom.

This time, there was very little difference, but there was some. I still had access to the lashing-on rod so I pulled the lashing cord tighter and retied it. My suspicion last time was that the knot on the left side tends to loosen up. The cord I use is slippery. This makes it easy to adjust the tension but makes it harder to tie secure knots. I think my suspicion has now been confirmed. I don't understand why this happens. I think I make the same knot at both ends, but maybe not. With the next warp I will try to start the lacing and then wind that beginning end around the rod and knot it.

With this warp, just before I lose the rod on to the front beam, I will double check the tension again. The tighter tension does make a difference on how the left selvedge looks. It is still not quite as good as the right selvedge, but it is significantly better.

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