Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Designing and Mathematics

A member of the Weave Tech list reminded us of the materials on designing with mathematical principles written by Griswold. These materials can be found here. Scroll down the page
to where Griswold is the author. The materials are all short and available as pdf documents.

Griswold has fascinating ideas on using mathematical principles as a basis for designing. These ideas go way beyond the Fibonacci series. That series has been my primary source for ways to order blocks and colors. He does talk quite a bit about Dietz' use of algebraic expressions. I cannot right now locate her monograph, but Griswold gives you the gist of it which he then goes on to expand on. In any case, though I have used algebraic expressions a bit in designing, I have not found them nearly as helpful as the Fibonacci series.

I have now printed out far too many of these little pieces by Griswold. But I do want to read them more carefully. Interesting, considering my difficulties just with basic arithmetic......

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