Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Preparing for Weaving

One thing I do find tiresome in throwing these first shots: the need to clear sheds with my fingers. The sheds are just awful for maybe 10 shots and then they start clearing a little better. Sometimes an occasional thread will create a problem because it is too loose. That, miraculously, doesn't seem to be happening on this warp. The initial three tabby shots seemed to pull up tight all the loose warp yarns. But I know I shall have to check my mirrors on either side as I weave to see if there are any errant and willful threads.

I suspect that I have trouble with these initial shots and then with the occasional errant warp end because I sett my warps a bit too close. This warp is sett at 30 epi, the sett for my sampling. My sampling was 12" wide. This yardage is close to 40" wide. That means I really should have used a slightly wider sett. The trouble here is that I don't have a reed that will work. A 9-dent reed would have been perfect, but so far as I can tell, this size is not made. I suppose I could special order it.

I could have sleyed the 10-dent reed so that it would have come out to 27 epi. But I have had problems with irregular sleyings. They usually show up in the cloth even after vigorous washings. So 30 epi it is; and slow weaving. The next time I want a 9-dent reed, I may research costs of having one made. Actually, though, as I analyze this a bit more, a 13-dent reed would be more valuable for me than a 9-dent reed. That would give me 26 epi for this yarn, which I think would be fine. But it would also give me 52 epi which would be useful for my finer yarns. Oor maybe a 14-dent reed which would give me 28 epi for this but also capabilities for 42 epi and 56 epi. Thinking continues.

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Dorothy said...

I remember being told when I I was getting my loom that weavers collect reeds. I've got 4,5 and 12 epi so far. The 5 was a special order, I had to wait a bit, but it was no more expensive than standard reeds from my supplier. I think you should at least enquire about getting a 9, if you think it's one you'd use again.

I've heard the view that irregular reed marks are part of the character of handwoven fabric, but I expect that whether that character spoils the appearance or adds to it will depend on the weave pattern.