Friday, August 24, 2007

Moving Right Along

Amount woven yesterday: 4.3". Well, doing a little better than yesterday........
Total woven to date: 4.8". Not sure if this is really "moving right along"......

Actually, the weaving is beginning to pick up speed. Probably I should not dignify my rate of throwing the shuttle with a word like "speed." But the sheds are all now good. There is the occasional sticking end, but looking my mirror catches that quickly. My body is quite a bit more relaxed during the weaving process. I even find myself smiling!

Though I have now broken three warp ends.......... Repairing them is where I have gotten pretty speedy, however. I no longer wail and gnash my teeth; I just fix them.

One of the first things I realized as I started weaving was that the floating selvedges were not working as I had intended. It was not their fault, of course. The fault was entirely mine. I am starting all four shuttles from the same side of the loom. They go over the first floating selvedge and under the last.

I could have fixed this all up by alternating the sides on which I started the shuttles. That would have given me perfect plain weave there. But I knew I would have one terrible time keeping track of the shuttles and where I was in throwing them if I did that.

The selvedges look fine. A little different, but just fine. And they are consistent. And the left selvedge is also consistently not as good as the right selvedge, even with a temple. And that is no different from most of what I have woven. So I will live with it.

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Leigh said...

Oh Peg, I certainly admire your patience! Next time (ha! doubtful!) I weave with 4 shuttles (I don't even own 4 shuttles) I'll remember this.