Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Weaving Begins?

Amount woven yesterday: 0.5" Sigh........

It's true, I was very busy getting prepared. And when I actually started, I discovered two more mis-threaded heddles. I had put a warping stick into a shed in order to get through some early knots without having to throw a bunch of shots of yarn. Oh, did those errors ever show! I have used the last of my repair heddles. Or at least the last repair heddle that I can find. I do re-use them. I think I best order some more.

So I started weaving again. And then a warp end broke. I was really taken by surprise as that is very unusual for me. However, to get clear sheds, I am weaving on a very very tight warp.

Above you can see at the very top that first 0.5 inches. I am using four shuttles, each with a different color yarn. And I change sheds and shuttles with each throw. That is the beginning of the first block. The woven section just below is tabby weave with gold weft. This is in to get the threads aligned, double check the threading and provide a security base for the woven yardage.
In it, by the way, you can see the pin which is holding the blue warp thread replacing, temporarily, the broken warp end I talked about above.

Just below that you see the warping stick. I inserted it into one of the tabby sheds. It really does show up all the ends! And beneath that are the original tabby spreading shots. This time I used a red weft. And there you can see the pin holding the re-threaded ends from the first threading error I had discovered.

I am a lot calmer than I used to be when things like this happen. I used to go virtually hysterical and the air around the loom would get blue. But I seem to be learning to take minor setbacks in stride, or at least more in stride than I used to. Perhaps I am beginning to grow up a bit?

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