Friday, August 24, 2007

Improving Skills

Leigh made what for me is a really important point in one of her comments:

"You've got me thinking that the next time I lash a warp, I'll go back, review, and see if I can't improve my technique"

This kind of review is an important way of learning for me. It is amazing how I can go back to something I may have read many times before, but that particular time something important leaps out at me that I had not paid any attention to before. Perhaps this is an indication a growing refinement of our skills, and a refinement in our ability to see and appreciate more detailed points of technique (and design and color as well).

A couple of years ago I almost did not take a workshop in twill. Twill is simple, after all. Translate: I know it all. Wrong, wrong, wrong! I took that workshop and did I ever learn. And I hope that I learned a bit of humility as well...


Laritza said...

I am a beginning weaver that is for sure. I learn more every time I dress my looms. Also learn loads from blogs like yours and Leigh's whatever you guys write gets me thinking. I feel that every time I start another project I have more knowledge to rely on. It is a long road but by all means fun!

Leigh said...

Oh my. I chose twill for my first 8 shaft project becuase I though they'd be simple. Well, we know that wasn't true! I do find that I learn best by making mistakes and having problems.