Thursday, August 9, 2007

Threading Done

The threading is done. The number of threads came out exactly the right number for the number of heddles. Wheww! With my lack of arithmetical skills, even with a calculator, I always worry about that as I am threading a warp. And I worried especially in this case because I had had to make some last-minute changes when I decided to thread on 8 shafts instead of 4.

However, this last day of threading seemed to create all sorts of problems for me. In two different blocks, I insisted on theading heddles on shaft 6 when they needed to be threaded on shaft 7 heddles. Twice I threaded blocks in incorrect directions. But I caught that. And then there were just a couple of plain old mistakes. Why did this happen today? I do tend to rush when I am almost done. But that is precisely why I decided not to try to finish the threading yesterday. And I was very relaxed today and took it very slowly. Perhaps I will just attribute it to the current South Carolina heatwave, cop out though that may be! In any case, it all worked out and I am delighted.

But I will not get the reed sleyed before we leave on Saturday. All that will happen is that I will get everything in place and ready for the sleying to happen. That way, when I return, all I have to do is jump on the bench and get on with

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