Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Shuttle/Pirn Problem

Amount Woven Friday: 10.8"s. No broken warp ends!
Total Amount Woven: 24.5"

I am weaving with 4 shuttles. They are the large Bluster Bay end feed shuttles. One shuttle has been giving me grief, grief, grief. It has been the shuttle with blue thread. That yarn was constantly refusing to come out. It would get stuck and I would have to yank at it. I finally would pull a bunch out (doing some yanking) before I actually threw it so it wouldn't pull against the selvedge. I tried and tried to figure out how I had wound it incorrectly. The other 3 have been fine.

End feed shuttles have a special winding technique. You don't wind the pirns back and forth as you do with bobbins. Rather, you build up half an inch at a time and move on, building up another half inch each time. Also, it must be wound on very tightly. The result is an electric winder is necessary, at least for fine threads. But since they cut my fingere, I started using a tensioning device. In any case, I was getting really nervous about my pirn winding skills and was not looking forward to winding the next set of bobbins.

Every once in awhile I would stare at that shuttle. What on earth is wrong? Sometimes it would look like absolutely nothing was wrong with the winding. And then I saw it. I had not shoved the pirn all the way to the end of the shuttle. I did that. It is now just fine. I love happy endings.

Pirn not fully in shuttle

Pirn correctly set in shuttle

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Laritza said...

Peg: your blog is very informative. The smallest detail can account for the largest nightmare! Thank you!