Friday, October 31, 2008


Posted by Peg in South Carolina

The loom is empty, the loom and the floor are clean. I even washed the Empty loomclear lucite containers I keep on top of the loom for miscellaneous tools.  My little corner is missing only the next warp.

But first there is work to be done.  The length of the samples is off Off the loom the loom and hanging over a door.  Now the samples need to be separated.  Edges need to be zigzagged.  Washing needs to be done.  Hard pressing will finish it all off. 

And then there is the paperwork to finish…….

What I cannot yet do is cut apart the length I wove for the Complex Weavers Crackle Exchange.  For that I am waiting to learn how many plan to participate.  Then I can cut that length into the requisite number of samples and edge finish them.

The best thing for me to do right now would probably be to get all that work done that I have just described.  Then put on the new warp.  But waiting to put on the new warp would drive me crazy.  So activity will happen next week in both arenas….hopefully!  

"Empty Loom" was written by Margaret Carpenter for Talking about Weaving and was originally posted on October 31, 2008. © 2008 Margaret Carpenter aka Peg in South Carolina


Anonymous said...

I'm a terrible housekeeper, but I do find that cleaning up the loom room is a good antidote to the empty-loom-blues. I hope you're feeling a warm glow of accomplishment!

Peg in South Carolina said...

I too am a terrible housekeeper, but I always straighten up, put away, and clean my loom area after a warp comes off. And yes, it does give me a feeling of accomplishment. Also a feeling of great eagerness!