Friday, October 17, 2008


Posted by Peg in South Carolina

We Have Lost a Giant - Weaverly

OK, I've got another favorite this week.   Stephanie Ablett, who, by the way is only 25, has done a remarkable 4-shaft weave.  What is amazing is that she both knows that it is remarkable and knows that there are problems with her execution.  I see the possibility of a brilliant future for her and look forward to following her work. 

Bubbles, Bobbles and Bright Beautiful Colors – Weavermania Productions

Laura's done it again--a series of top-notch posts simply not to be missed. Some are on technical issues, but scattered in there are important musings on weaving for profit.  Go to her blog and read them all.

Weaving a Life (Laura Fry)  

When Things Go Wrong -- The Weaving Studio
But here things have definitely gone right! + an interesting idea for hanging yardage for photography
Amethyst Ombre Scarf Part II -- The Weaving Studio 
Lessons from my Early Warps -- The Straight of the Goods
Autumn -- Shuttle Pilot
New Weaver -- Weave Geek 
Wet-finished Sample -- Tien's Blog
Crackle pop! – Centerweave
A 2nd Little Space Dyed Blanket -- Leigh's Fiber Journal

All about a hat from Cyber Fiber Scriber

Mondrian Over Easy  
The Story of the Hat  

Winding with Spider -- Curiousweaver
Here's What's Next -- Sandra's Loom Blog
Blink of the Eye -- Sampling
Woven Texture    Shirley Treasure

Another new loom ready to weave on
"Spring"-ing into Action -- Thrums

Here is the beginning of a new, and lovely, project on t’katch.  This is going to be a very ineresting one to follow, especially it follows along with Leigh's posts on Summer and Winter.

Impromptu Greens 
Itty Bitty Gaps
There's No Such Thing as Coincidence  

And here are Leigh's latest posts on Summer and Winter from her blog Leigh’s Fiber Journal 

Summer & Winter: A Basic Definition    
Summer and Winter Threading  
Profile Drafts   
Summer & Winter: Tie-up 
Skeleton Tie-ups  

The Question Is...... -- Grandma's Flower Garden 
Intellectual Property -- Constance Rose Textile Design
To Block or Not to Block -- Unravelling 
them that can’t, organize – Taueret
Ideas Come from the Strangest Places – Weaverly

Perhaps a Sara Lamb workshop at SOAR has produced a new weaver?
Dead Tired...with a Cold -- Three Sheeps to the Wind

Weaving Spirit is back at work and I am delighted!
Invention is the Mother of Necessity -- Weaving Spirit

The Guru Syndrome -- The Painter's Keys

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Cherri said...

I always enjoy your links. I have visited everyone that would load, and am jump started and inspired for another week. Wonderful.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Thank you, Cherri. Were there many that would not load? By the way, I cannot comment on your blog because it tells me I have to register to comment and I cannot figure out how to register.